3 Top Bookkeeping Tools to Help You Get Your Life Back

Does this sound familiar?

You work hard. Real hard. As a service contractor, you pour hours every weekday into your business plus far too many nights and weekends. Is free time something you only dream about? Can you even remember your last real vacation? Is it hard to make and keep plans with family and friends? Hopefully, that’s not you. But if it hits home here’s a good question… is all this expended time and effort translating into growth for your business? Are you looking for ways to make your business both more efficient and profitable so you can have more time? For business owners, bookkeeping can be one of those major sources of frustration and wasted time. If keeping the books up to date is not your cup of tea, then here are 3 of my favorite tools to help you work smarter, get your life back and even improve your cash flow.

1. Xero… Beautiful Accounting Software!

Traditionally bookkeeping software sat on your computer and you had to be on your computer to work. While that worked fine for many years, today’s business owners can’t be tied to a desk. You need to be out in the field doing the business, supervising jobs or meeting with customers and prospects. The answer – Xero, a user-friendly mobile cloud based bookkeeping app. With Xero you access your books wherever you are, when ever you need and on any device.

With Xero you can:

  • Easily create and email invoices to your customers on the go with your phone or tablet
  • Check the status of outstanding invoices right on your smartphone at your client’s office
  • Verify receipt of a supplier’s shipment while at the job site
  • Accept credit and debit card payments on site with Square, PayPal, or Stripe

Learn more about Xero here.

2. Receipt-Bank… Receipt & Document Management Made Easy!

Where do your receipts end up? Are they tossed into the glove compartment or center console? Do you clip them to your visor? Are they dashboard ornaments? Have you ever opened your cab door, just to see a half-dozen papers blow out into the street? Humorous yes but bad for your business. The answer – Receipt-Bank, which makes handling a receipt or bill as easy as taking a picture with your smart phone. Thru a simple to use app, Receipt-Bank converts your receipts into real data that can be auto imported into your accounting software. Xero will even store the image for future reference. Use Receipt-Bank, cover your tracks, and ditch the receipts. Learn more here: Receipt-Bank Info

3. MileIQ – Mileage Equals Money!

Do you drive at all for your business? Then chances are you’re leaving money on the table at tax time if you don’t keep timely accurate records. Mileage tracking is usually an afterthought for business owners. Being proactive can net you major tax deductions each year. The answer – MileIQ, a downloadable app that makes tracking mileage incredibly easy. Through GPS technology and your smart phone, MileIQ tracks and logs where you travel. You simply add the details of your trips as necessary and just like that you have an IRS acceptable mileage log. Did you know, that if you drive just 100 miles a week for business, you may be eligible for a $2,782 mileage deduction on your 2017 tax return. Vacation here we come! Learn more about MileIQ here – MileIQ. Use this code MLIN651A to save 20% if you upgrade to a yearly subscription.

Get Your Life Back – Today!

Owning a service business is challenging. You have enough on your plate without stressing over the paper shuffle. That’s why adopting a few of these easy-to-use bookkeeping tools is the perfect solution. If you need some help setting up your bookkeeping, email me at mick@bookkeeperbuddy.com. I’m in the business of helping you grow your business.

You may even get home for dinner on time!

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