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"There are few things in life I hate more than accounting. But as a small business owner, it’s something that has to be done. I couldn’t afford to hire an on staff accountant. I tried to do it on my own, but I made a mess of things. I had reached the point that I almost would have rather sold my business than have to deal with the books. At the end of my rope I found Bookkeeper Buddy. They went through and cleaned up my mess. Now that my books are in order it’s easy to now handle the things I’m comfortable with and leave the rest up to Bookkeeper Buddy. It has saved me time, money and my sanity!"

Derrick Jeror, ChurchPlant.com


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"Mick has been an invaluable resource in setting up our school. His business knowledge, work ethic, and joy in serving have truly been a gift to King’s Way Academy. We would not be where we are today if it weren’t for Mick’s expertise and assistance."

Bree Wakefield, King’s Way Academy


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"Bookkeeper Buddy has done a great job keeping our finances and billing up to date and in good order. Mick has helped us set up systems that are both efficient and good policy for protecting the financial integrity of Grace Community Church. I would highly recommend Bookkeeper Buddy to any small business or church!"

Lead Pastor

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"Doing your own books can eat up a huge amount of time, keep you up at night and cause a ton of stress. As the owner of Ultimate Survival Tips (a breakout, online survival educator and gear reviewer with our exponential growth curve), my lack of time snowballed to make our books a real mess. And, as time progressed they were getting worse by the day!!!

So the last thing I wanted to do was spend days (and possibly weeks) developing a better bookkeeping system and maintain it. I simply did NOT have the time. Frankly, the thought of setting up and managing my own books had gotten to the point that I was breaking out in face sweat and could feel my blood pressure go up just thinking about it all. But Bookkeeper Buddy came to my rescue and took the Bookkeeping Monkey off my back… Whew!!!

From my initial consultation, Bookkeeper Buddy was very personable and immediately put me at ease. He listened! Yep you heard me right. He listened to my needs and developed a plan to get my books in order while considering my personal and business needs and significant time restrictions. Mick took great care to minimize the time I needed to invest getting our books squared away. AND, he continues to minimize the time I need to invest keeping our accounting straight.

But that’s not all… Mick set everything up on a VERY user friendly and secure online accounting platform. Now I have a 360 degree view of our business finances and NO MORE accounting stress. I can even use the Smart Phone app to monitor finances, enter receipts on the fly (while still at the store) and I can send out invoices from ANYWHERE I am connected to the Internet.

I love the fact that Mick maintains our bookkeeping and accounting so that I can focus on building my business and serving our fans. I needed someone that was patient, competent, knowledgeable, forward thinking and most importantly, trustworthy. I am happy to say that Mick, my Bookkeeper Buddy, has more than satisfied my most optimistic expectations and has become a greatly trusted friend.

I highly recommend Bookkeeper Buddy to any entrepreneur or established business owner who wants to INVEST their precious time building their business and not wrapped around the axle with day to day bookkeeping.

If you want to lower your accounting stress and frustration while saving time and money, and think that sleeping better at night is a good idea… you need to give Bookkeeper Buddy a call. You’ll be glad you did."

David Polczynski, Ultimate Survival Tips


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