Trusted Bookkeeper for Contractors in Marshall, Michigan

Contractors, home builders, and businesses operating in the trade services industry have unique needs.

At Bookkeeper Buddy, we specialize in working with service contractors and have a wealth of insider knowledge and experience in addressing their pain points.

How We Can Help Service Contractors

Are you struggling to keep up with the growing demands of running a contractor business?

Bookkeeper Buddy can give you a leg up through the following ways:

  • Scheduling new jobs
  • Getting quotes out on time
  • Producing timely invoices so you get paid
  • Keeping in contact with clients, field workers, and the office
  • Build a Successful Contractor Business

We are passionate about helping small businesses grow. So let us help you look for new ways to increase your billable hours while reducing the never-ending stream of paperwork.

We can help you win the battle and gain more time for your family, friends, and hobbies– partner with Bookkeeper Buddy today!

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