Organizational Saturday for an Inspirational Monday

Planning to Prosper

Today is my organizational Saturday so I can have an inspirational Monday

I’ve worked from a home office for years now and love it. I love the flexibility and how I can create my own space to work in.

Maybe you are just now finding yourself working from home and it seems a bit overwhelming. I totally get that. It can take a bit of adjustment time getting everything just right (if it ever is lol)

I won’t kid you though, the home office does have its challenges. For me, one of the biggest is that with each passing day my office easily gets cluttered and steadily slides into an absolute mess of disarray. I’m amazed at how one person, me, can produce piles and piles of papers which only produces frustration and agitation. And I’m supposed to be a paperless business. Yeah, sure.

But great news right – no one is coming to the office to see the mess! And those I do meet with I do so online. Thankfully the webcam hides everything only showing what I want – the best view.

But are you like me? I’ve learned that when my surroundings are clean and organized I feel much better about life and am generally more optimistic. And just as important, I am more inspired as I work on tasks, problems and plans for the future.

So that is why I am making today my clean the home office day. All in preparation for a fresh inspirational start on Monday.

Why, because now is the time to prepare for what lies ahead. Whatever it may be.

The time is now to take all steps necessary to make it through this challenging season. Know that Cash is King – not only making it but also preserving it. And to do that I definitely need some fresh inspiration to successfully travel the road ahead.

How are you adjusting and preparing yourself and your business?

What’s on the agenda for your Saturday? Whatever it is, enjoy!

Now that I have spent 3 hours writing about what I need to do, time to go do it 😊

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