Bookkeeper Buddy is a Xero Silver Certified Adviser

Xero is beautiful cloud-based accounting software. It’s all you need to run your business and it’s our preferred accounting platform. Features include:

  • Dashboard
    Instantly see all your bank balances, recent sales activity, upcoming bills, and expenses.
  • Mobile
    There’s an iPhone app and an Android app, so you can do business bookkeeping on the go.
  • Unlimited users
    Work together as a team on your financials. Unlimited users all for one low monthly fee.
  • Reporting
    Instant, up-to-date reporting with quick links to original transactions.
  • Bank reconciliation
    Connects with your bank, making reconciliation simple and accurate.
  • Online accounting
    See your cashflow in real-time. Just login anytime, anywhere.
  • Free online support
    Unlimited, 24/7 email support and detailed online help center.
  • Work together
    Invite other to view your accounts and provide real-time advice.
  • Invoicing
    Create and send invoices automatically and get paid online.

10 Reasons People Love Xero

  • Xero is easy to implement in your day-to-day business.
  • Requires no installation, manual backups, maintenance, or extra software purchases.
  • Anywhere, anytime, 24/7 access from any internet connect in the world.
  • Works with your PC, Mac, iPhone, Android Phone, BlackBerry, and other devices.
  • See your cash flow in real time, always know where you stand.
  • Daily overnight bank feeds to simplify reconciling accounts—easy as checking email.
  • Create and send invoices with the touch of a button and get paid online.
  • Easily track income expenses so you always know what’s going on in your business.
  • Expense claims processed with amazing ease.
  • Up-to-date financial reporting that is easy to understand.
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